Bias tyre


Tire structure design can be divided into: oblique tire and radial tire.  Skew tires are simply called nylon tires.  This concept is in contrast to the radial tire, the so-called wire tire.  The cord of the skew tire is arranged diagonally, hence the name.  

Bias tire is a kind of tire of old structure.  By tyre tread, cord fabric layer (body), buffer layer and the bead of cord fabric layer, as a skeleton of a tyre, to keep the outer tube shape and size, usually consists of a dual layers of tape (fabric) with rubber joint, curtain cord with the center line of the tread is about 35 degrees, from the side of the tire side through the tire tread to the other side.  In the selection of nylon, polyester fiber or wire cord materials such as high strength, can greatly improve the load bearing capacity of the tire, improve the performance of the tire, is a common tire of modern cars.