The classification of the solid tyres


Solid tires are generally divided into bonded tires and non bonded tires. The former refers to the tire whose rubber is directly vulcanized on the rim, and the latter refers to the tire fixed on the rim after vulcanization.

According to the shape, solid tire is divided into cylindrical solid tire and inclined bottom solid tire; According to the purpose, it can be divided into antistatic, conductive, oil resistant, high load solid tire, environment-friendly traceless solid tire, etc.

Heavy load solid tire
V very strong bearing capacity, suitable for harsh environment, high safety and high elasticity. Mainly used in dump truck V main specification: 825-20900-201000-201100-20

For Wharf Trailer solid tire
V low rolling resistance, low heat generation and ultra-high bearing capacity. It is mainly used on low flat cars at the wharf. V main specifications: 22x8x16, 22x9x16, 22x14x15, 22x16x16

For boarding bridge solid tire

All-weather use, suitable for all kinds of weather conditions, flexible and long service life.