Reasons for cracks in the groove bottom of truck tires and preventive measures during the production process (No. 1)


The root cause of the groove bottom crack is the fatigue failure of the rubber material at the bottom of the groove. The tire is continuously compressed under high-speed driving, and the tread is in direct contact with the ground. Therefore, the tread directly bears the impact load and torque generated by the tire and the ground, resulting in repeated tensile deformation of the tire pattern

When the tire is running at high speed, the tread rubber is in a continuous high temperature state. The stress fatigue of the groove bottom and the high temperature effect, the thermal fatigue damage caused by the self-heating and pressure action makes the rubber molecular chain rupture, causing oxidation and aging, and then causing micro-cracks. , The crack gradually expands with time, thereby forming a circumferential crack.#truck tire #truck tyre #high quality tyre #over loading tire #Megarun tyre #neumático