26, 5-25 28PR engineering machinery tire parameters


26. 5-25 28PR engineering machinery tires' main technical parameters are as follows: standard rim 22.00/3. 0, inflated outer diameter (D′) 1750 mm, inflated section width (B′) 675mm, level 28pr, pattern code E3E , It is recommended to use inflation pressure of 475kPa, rated load of 15500kg, and driving speed of 10 km/h.

Randomly select 4 tires for actual road test. The results show that the support performance, handling performance, traction performance, wear resistance and fuel consumption of the finished tires all meet customer needs.

26. 5-25 28PR engineering machinery tires have an inflatable outer edge size that meets customer needs, and their physical properties meet the requirements of national standards. When the tires are mass-produced, the process performance of the tires is good, and the qualified rate of appearance quality has reached the company's standard requirements. After being put on the market, customers reported that the use effect was good.