Special application in tire cutting process


In order to reduce the number of defects in finished tires, reduce production costs, and improve the company's competitiveness, it has gradually become a trend to install foreign body detection devices in the cutting process of all-steel radial truck tires.

Take pictures with a high-precision, high-speed, imported industrial color camera on the detection device. Since the color of the curtain is black, other color objects appearing on its surface are captured at high speed by the color camera in area and line array methods, and contrast with black Analysis can realize the rapid identification, judgment, alarm and shutdown of abnormal phenomena such as color, scratches, copper leakage and impurities; at the same time, with white shading as the background color, the color camera takes pictures of the curtain width and exit angle at high speed and transmits them to the controller Carrying out simulation calculations and comparing the standards and tolerances set by the computer can realize the identification, judgment, alarm and shutdown of unqualified curtains.