Precautions for radial tubeless tires


1. The specified air pressure must be maintained

Tubeless tires are made of high-quality rubber, with good elasticity, strong flexibility, and a wide range of air pressure adaptation. Even if the tire pressure is high, it does not have the hard feeling of ordinary tires. Therefore, the air pressure should be checked with a barometer. Except for punctured tires, tubeless tires generally do not deflate on their own. Therefore, when inflating, check with a barometer and maintain the specified pressure. Do not use the feel to determine whether to inflate like ordinary tires.

2. Keep the tires clean

Tubeless tires should also avoid being punctured or punctured by sharp and hard objects, and avoid contact with acids and alkalis. Oil contamination will also accelerate the decomposition of rubber. The tires should be kept clean to prevent the rubber from aging and prolong its service life.

3. It is not suitable to drive on the dirt road in the suburbs

Tubeless tires have good adaptability to asphalt and cement roads. Even if the road has water, it can maintain strong adhesion and has good stability. But for soil roads, especially muddy roads, the adhesion is low and the stability is poor. Motorcycles with tubeless tires are best used in urban areas, not on the outskirts of dirt roads.