How to judge the service life and wear degree of OTR tires


Generally speaking, the life of a normal tire is 4 to 5 years. After 5 years, even if the wear of the tire pattern is small, try to replace it, because the rubber on the tread will age over time, and many small cracks are The cause of a puncture.

However, the relevant state departments have not made special regulations on the shelf life of OTR tires for the time being, because the service life of OTR tires will vary according to different tire rubber formulas, different vehicle environments and driving habits. Therefore, we need to pay more attention when driving. Tire aging is also a sign. In order to reduce the risk of tire blowout, we try to replace it in advance.

In addition to aging, OTR tires are also subject to natural wear. Therefore, the tires of the factory will mark the wear limit on the sidewall before leaving the factory to indicate the real-time wear status of this tire. For tires without wear marks, we can also use calipers to measure. Generally, OTR tires with a groove depth of less than 1.6 mm can no longer be used because the drainage performance and puncture resistance of the tire will be greatly reduced at this time.
The life of a OTR tires still has a lot to do with whether it is used normally or not. First of all, we must ensure that the tires are always under the normal OTR tires pressure, too low or too high tire pressure will bury hidden dangers to the tire safety. What needs to remind everyone is not to believe what the eyes see, professional tire pressure instruments are the way to detect tire pressure.

A safe trip is to drive under "foot". As the contact point between the car and the road, the tires carry the car forward while directly affecting the safety and performance of the car. Frequently check and do the maintenance of the tires to prevent problems before they occur.