The hazards of OTR tire pressure is too high


When talking about car tires, we can visually compare it to the feet of a car. It is the only part of a car that touches the ground. Why can it carry dozens of tons or even hundreds of tons? .
The standard pressure of the OTR tires is clearly marked on the sidewall of the tire when the tire leaves the factory. The OTR tires pressure can be adjusted appropriately, but it must not be excessive, because too high or low air pressure will increase the risk of tire blowout.
Air pressure is too high.
Harm 1.
The grip of the tire will be reduced, which directly affects the braking effect of the OTR tires.
Harm 2.
The reduced elasticity of the tires increases the turbulence of the vehicle, which affects the handling of the vehicle, and also causes abnormal wear of the vehicle chassis components.
Harm 3.
The stretchability of tire rubber is reduced, and the puncture rate will increase when the vehicle is driving on potholes.
Harm 4.

Reduce the service life of tires.