Common quality problems and causes of all-steel radial tires


Common quality problems and causes of all-steel radial tires

1. Belt delamination

The main reasons are the following three points:

A. The Mooney viscosity of the rubber material for steel cord rolling fluctuates greatly, which affects Bonding between rubber material and steel cord

B. Calendering and storage time is too long.

C. The quality of various additives or other materials in the formulation is unstable

2. Delamination above the bead

The causes of delamination above the bead are as follows:

A. When the traveler and the apex are attached, there is a gap in the joint, resulting in defects. After the molding and vulcanization, the interface produces air pockets, which affects the adhesion of the rubber

B. The apex joint is too large or too small, and the thickness is uneven locally.

Averaging, resulting in air trapping and affecting the fit of components

3. Sidewall burst

The reasons for sidewall blasting are as follows: the size of the shoulder pad rubber is too small, the sidewall rubber or the crown wing rubber is too small, and the inner liner rubber moves outward under the push of the vulcanizing bladder during vulcanization to make the inner liner rubber and the carcass Cord contact leads to poor adhesion between steel cord and rubber;

If the width of the building drum is too large or too small, it will cause the carcass cord to bend at the shoulder, and if it is too small, the carcass cord will be faintly exposed in the tire corresponding to the shoulder.